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Interaction - Not Internet
Interaction - Not Internet

Fraud, Dubious Profiles and Other Online Facts.

Sadly, this page is a necessity - and contains only a few examples of the risks and dangers which are prevalent in the Online dating environment however I must stress that not every member on any dating sites is disreputable or dishonest, and those who are can be measured by degrees - we probably all have our own personal ‘horror stories’ to tell!!  Offensive behaviour is pretty much an everyday event but few make the press. the example below is from June 2019


However, unfortunately,  while the unpleasantness of the example above is offensive, it is extremely difficult to identify even worse individuals such as those who are professional scammers.


Fraud and dubious profiles are some of the lesser but extremely distressing features of this service. The BBC reported that in 2014/2015 UK users of online dating sites had been conned out of more than £33million


In July of the same year the BBC reported this example:

Online 'dater' defrauded women of £250,000


However, even following the introduction of countermeasures by the ODA (Online Dating Association) members, the issue persists.


The links below are to more recent reports about more high profile instances and the distressing impact some of these morally bankrupt people have had on other members, and in some instances, these are serial offenders – who it seems make a living by depriving their prey of theirs, sometimes, sadly, literally. 


Unfortunately, these are the occasions where it makes the news headlines but this type of dishonest behaviour is ingrained across the whole cyber world just because it is so easy to deceive many people.


Some recent cases were featured on Channel 4 ‘My Online Nightmare’ in April 2017. As you will see from these links the victims are intelligent and competent people who have been duped by such scammers. One victim was quoted as saying


“Sociopaths do not choose dim victims”Mary Turner Thomson


The link below relates to Chris Heayns who duped Dr Liz Todd via Plenty of Fish and was convicted of fraud in Jul 2016 and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.


The other reported case relates to another serial scammer named William Allen Jordan – who had a string of aliases in various dating sites – he was imprisoned for 3 years for defrauding more than £300,000 from 21 victims in 5 countries


This type of thing occurs so frequently there are even websites dedicated to exposing these individuals:


 In July 2017 a case was reported in Manchester where a male model discovered that his photo was being used to entice women on dating websites – this practice is known as ‘Catfishing’.


Also, just how secure is your online profile?

Upmarket dating site Ashley Madison, which is aimed at professional men, was found to have been hacked in 2015. This data breach also exposed the huge volume of married men using these sites for extra marital relationships.


However even worse than these morally bankrupt individuals who demonstrate dishonesty and fraud there are even darker motives to some of the members on these sites


This most recent horrific reports is from January 2018



Or equally horrific was the motive exhibited by the behaviour of  Jason Lawrance.


He was convicted of the rape of at least 5 women in March 2016 after using to lure his victims


Or, then there is the ultimate danger - Murder!!




Still interested in Online Dating?


My personal experience, and these shocking and distressing accounts, which only identify some of these events only serve to reinforce my concerns.

This has completely destroyed my confidence or desire to use Online options.


So, now... I have created an alternative.


Whilst it does not completely remove any inherent risks involved in meeting new people and making new friends and contacts -  it does create a safer environment where you are in control, and on your own territory.  Face to face contact enables personal responsibility, authority and power over the choices made, thereby making the whole process a lot more honest, safer, straightforward and enjoyable!


I know which option I prefer!



If you still have an appetite for internet dating, I have added a couple of helpful pages to assist you to filter out some of the more obvious scams.


Even the dating site owners are aware of these issues and some publish their own ‘advice’….


Whatever your decision - I wish you all success with your search but more importantly, whether you choose to join us or not -  above all......




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