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Interaction - Not Internet
Interaction - Not Internet

About the Icebreaker Band

Following my lightbulb moment at the pavement cafe, it became my mission to create such a Token- A  Flag - A Signal.

Something which could be instantly recognisable by others who, for whatever reason, are not comfortable using the internet to socialise.

It would be something for all ages (18yrs +), all genders and all orientations.

The Icebreaker Band was the culmination of this mission.


What is the Icebreaker Band?

  • The Icebreaker Band represents a one off Subscription to the Icebreaker community -  by wearing a Unique Icebreaker Token.
  • The Icebreaker token is made of up of a hallmarked sterling silver Infinity symbol flanked by two genuine Crystals from Swarovski.
  • The Hallmark consists of the Unique Icebreaker Manufacturers mark and the Birmingham Assay Office emblems.
  • The colour of the crystals indicates the nature of the wearers preference either for a relationship or to seek out friendship and companionship with others.
  • The Icebreaker token is presented on a black adjustable wristband to fit all standard wrist sizes

Why this Design?

When I  was considering the whole 'Online'  experience it all felt a little sad and a bit distasteful, so I wanted my alternative to be an item of quality which would demonstrate taste, integrity and discernment in its wearer. 

I chose the Infinity symbol because it is timeless and represents unity, harmony and permanence - it is fundamental in many different cultures and beliefs, it is drawn in a continuous movement with neither a beginning or end and is recognised globally as the symbol of infinite possibilities, eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love.


I worked with my designer and silversmith to create this token in beautiful sterling silver and chose to use crystals to indicate the infinite variations. I selected beautiful crystals by Swarovski to maintain the quality, distinction and uniqueness of the design.


It is supplied with an adjustable wrist band, in either Fabric or Leather, which displays the token to its finest against the black background.


The product is supplied in a Black leatherette hinged box with a flat velvet bangle band.


Who Wears the Icebreaker?

  • People who are ages 18 years or older
  • People who genuinely wish to seek out friendship and companionship with others.
  • People who believe in themselves and know that they deserve better than the internet can offer
  • People who are fed up with ongoing internet subscriptions which fail to deliver
  • People who wish to invest in themselves and their future by  joining this community
  • People who are proud to make a statement by wearing  a quality token
  • People who want to demonstrate honesty  and integrity
  • People who display discernment about themselves and their choices
  • People who are proud to show that they are all of the above 
  • People who are looking for these qualities in others

Can you see the theme here?? ....





Why Wear the Icebreaker?


Wearing an Icebreaker band grants a lifetime membership to our community and enables wearers to identify others by the colour of the crystals displayed which indicate the nature of the wearers preference either for a relationship or to seek out friendship and companionship with others.

  • Green Crystals - Seeking companionship/Friendship - non-gender specific
  • Blue Crystals - Male seeking female relationship
  • Pink Crystals - Female seeking Male relationship
  • Aurora Crystals (rainbow effect)  - LGBT/seeking same-sex relationship

Icebreaker membership is a one-off cost, comparable to the cost of an initial subscription to  many of the online Introductory websites however the icebreaker 


  • Is a single one-off investment in yourself
  • Offers a lifetime membership to the community
  • Has no ongoing subscription.
  • Removes the disappointment of the internet
  • Effective everywhere, anywhere, anytime 
  • Puts the humanity back into relationships
  • Allows you to choose
  • Puts YOU in control




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