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Interaction - Not Internet
Interaction - Not Internet

My Story

When, after more than 30 years as part of a couple, I found myself single again I felt extremely vulnerable and isolated. Sadly, when a relationhip breaks down so does your social circle.


I felt emotionally battered by this breakdown and by the other enforced changes which resulted from it. I was totally lacking the confidence and enthusiasm that I had felt when much younger, it all felt a bit like mission impossible to recover my identity and resurrect my life.


 The ‘Always onLine’ culture with the majority of us living a virtual life ‘On-Line’  via Facebook, Twitter and other social media presented  a challenge to initiate a new social circle from scratch. Internet dating appeared to be the only way forward to venture back into the relationship and social arena.


Unfortunately, I discovered that the whole Online experience was highly disillusioning, frequently dishonest and at times particularly distressing -  a good description for internet dating would be:


Internet dating

Where the odds are good ...but the goods are ODD


The manners and behaviour of many of the members was shocking –  and the content of many of the 'introductions' was just unpleasant - almost certainly the result of the anonymity and ‘virtual’ nature that this environment affords.

Online dating and the minimal commitment to swipe left or right devalues the human element.


The frequent occurrence of catfishing and  ‘Ghosting’ was extremely damaging to my already fragile self-esteem, and the extent of dubious profiles, set up to target lonely vulnerable members was alarming!!


 Although the website owners provide a degree of ‘Moderation’ on these sites it is impossible to eliminate fake profiles , or, once they have made direct contact,  to moderate the content of their messages, But even more serious, moderation cannot eliminate the threat of  danger.


 These sites are aimed solely at those searching for a relationship and do not support any opportunity for singletons in the same area to share common interests and form friendship/groups to socialise and support each other.


 I was certain that my expectations were not unrealistic and I was positive that there must be countless other genuine members also on these sites, all facing the same challenge.

This required tenacity and patience to plough through and eliminate the inappropriate or fake profiles in search of even a tenuous ‘match’. Then, after perhaps several online chats is followed by “the Meet”……when the ‘Real’ person  (if they even turn  up) almost always resulted in the 'match' being totally at odds with their online profile. It then meant back to Square One......The whole scenario resulting in a demoralising experience.


I gave up in despair!!


Then some time ago - I was people watching while enjoying a  coffee at a pavement café when it occurred to me that everyday I am being exposed to countless other people in the same situation,   in my ‘Real life’ –  in my ‘Offline’ daily routine - Supermarket, work, coffee shops,  restaurants, cinema, gym – in fact.....


anywhere and everywhere


It dawned on me that, there are infinite numbers of others craving friendship or company but, because there is no uniquely recognizable indicator of ‘singledom’, we have no means of being able to identify others like ourselves.

If such an indicator or 'Token' existed this could provide a visual statement, an opportunity to initiate/invite  conversation with others also wearing matching tokens and  


Break the Ice



It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention  -  this coffee shop became the birthplace of my ‘Vision’ for the:


Icebreaker Band.




  • The Icebreaker Band enables  a  ‘real’ face to face alternative to the virtual world of the internet.
  • The Icebreaker Band enables you to  make your choices in the ‘real’ world - face to face.
  • Provides a unique Token to invite face to face connections between  ‘real’ people.
  • Provides  ‘real’ people with the opportunity to become members of a community,  meeting  face to face in real’ time, talking to ‘real’ people where it is impossible to hide behind a fake profile.
  • The Icebreaker Band is a return to the traditional way acquaintances were formed  Face to Face
  • Reintroducing a process  to break away from:

I   nternet


E-  loneliness

  • By wearing the Icebreaker Band the wearer is Joining an elite group of individuals who are making a statement about their status and offering an invitation to others, who are also looking for friendship and company, to begin a conversation - face to face, and

Break the Ice


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