Interaction - Not Internet
Interaction - Not Internet


What is 'The Icebreaker'?



Simply put it is:




  • The Icebreaker Band offers an alternative to meeting people via the Internet - with all the frustration and disappointment, and sometimes even danger that this often results in.


  • The Icebreaker Band is a visual 'Token' which grants exclusive membership to a community of like minded people. Enabling members to immediately identify others who also wish to meet others to either form a relationship or just to get together as friends.


  • The Icebreaker allows you to identify and meet other members  ANY TIME, ANY WHERE in the real world, real time and face to face - removing the risk of ''fake profiles'  and the time wasted with tedious online chatting prior to a meeting with that person who (if they turn up!!)  invariably turns out to be at odds  with the 'image' they portrayed.


  • Wearing the Icebreaker is an invitation to other wearers to 'Break the Ice' with you and allow you to meet and get to know each other without the deception, and anonymity of the internet.

Why did I create the Icebreaker?   My Story ...

Welcome to the Icebreaker

The Icebreaker is a Solid Silver hallmarked token which displays colour coded Genuine Crystals from Swarovski  to indicate the nature of your membership. 


The Icebreaker Band is beautifully presented  in a  hinged, black leatherette box with matching velvet bangle pad and a white satin liner.



Ice Breaker Bands  pride ourself on our attention to quality and service. This is our promise of a quality product providing you with exclusive membership to the Icebreaker Community. If you require any information or assistance, our dedicated staff will be happy to help. We're looking forward to welcoming you to our community!


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